INFO:  If you are interested in low cost drums for your album or demo,  then Matt is your drummer.  He is willing to work with your budget and give you the best product possible with his current equipment.  You can send him your demo (recorded to a click) and he can send you back your drums.  Or if your looking for studio time in the Nashville area you can come over in person.  

STUDIO RATES:  $125.00 a day

CURRENT RECORDING GEAR:  Matt currently mics his drum kit live through a Mackie 14 channel board and sub mixes to the M BOX.  If you just want a drum track you will only receive a premixed stereo (and two wav file) mix for your purchase.  This is why the prices are low but the recordings are still good for the money.

Drum Track Prices:  Right now $35.00 a song!  Varies a little on how long or complex your song is.  Starting fee is normally $50.00 a song.  If it's longer than a 5 minute song or very complex then we can discuss the fee.



Matt is available for private lessons.  Any student at any level is welcome.  These lessons can be taught either at his home studio in Madison, TN or at your house.  The lessons taught will depend on what you want to learn and your level.  He is best at teaching drum set in a learning by ear and sight mater, but can also teach some music reading.  The lessons also can include rudiments, drum set up fundimentals, and even recording your lessons.  


Prices at Matt Mendians Studio:

$15.00 for a half hour
$25.00 for a full hour

Prices at your your house:
(he will bring his own kit over to play along with you)
(also these prices are available only with a 5 mile driving limit, farther can be discussed)

$25.00 for a half hour
$35.00 for a full hour


Matt is available for hire as a live drummer, or to come to your studio of choice.  If your interested please visit the contact page and send him a message. 

drum recording sample